KTS Industrial Systems

Senior Software System Engineer, Shandong Kaidis Industrial System Co., Ltd.



★ Works to detailed design , coding, unit testing and debugging of           embedded software based on the WINDOWS
★ Design of the software,  code realization. ,unit testing, Integration           Testing according to the demand of the R&D process
★ Software development of motion control system in Automation                equipment and robot, Responsible for software design and coding realization of control system
★ Works to the architecture design and the code realization of software    systems such as upper and
lower   computer communication and control
★ Research and Application of Integration Testing in the Automation          equipment and upper management systems. Responsible for software design and coding implementation of control system
★ Male or female is under 35 years
★ Bachelor degree major in Computer software, automotive. Master VB,   VC/C++/MFC、LabView and 
so on   
★ Strong ability to discover and analyze problems, strong documentation skills
★ Have a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, loyalty, sense of security, learning ability and communic ation skills.
★ Interest in automotive testing technology is preferred



★ Employee welfare
★ social-benefits
★ few overtime
★ staff’bonus after half year
★ transportation allowance.  meal allowance, Paid vacation, Lunch allowance
★ the service ager is include the Other companies work experience 
★ Regular activities, training, staff development in an all-round way
★ Personal or parents have a free physical examinations at least once a      year
★ Paid vacation at least once a year
★ labor agreement
Contact: Ms. Liu
Contact number: 133053412770534-2369011
E-mail: 13305341277@189.cn
Company website: http://www.cnkts.com.cn
Address: No. 3818, Jinghua Road, Dezhou Economic and technological  Development Zone 
Dezhou Shandong P.R.C



KTS Industrial Systems

Dezhou City, Shandong Province




KTS Industrial Systems

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