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Liu Yunlai was invited to participate in the 2018 China Auto
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October 18-19, 2018, China Automobile Industry Association brake committee member meeting and China Automobile Brake Annual Conference was held in Hangzhou. The meeting was co-sponsored by the Automotive Brake Commission of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the Automotive Industry Branch of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. More than 100 participants from well-known domestic automobile and brake system backbone enterprises, relevant personnel of the main engine factory, universities, research institutes and other scholars attended the industry event. Kaidis Industrial System is a well-known automation equipment manufacturer in China, a provider of automotive parts inspection and manufacturing solutions, and a member of the brake committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. It was invited to participate in the conference.

The theme of this session is “Lightweight, Intelligent, New Challenges”. The participants will focus on the technical trends and future of the braking system, support future braking research of automatic driving, testing and testing of braking systems, and intelligent manufacturing. The topic of implementation and application has been discussed.
Future-oriented brake system development and latest solutions, modularization of brake systems, platform design and layout, new generation of brake assembly design and research, lightweight and new material applications, intelligent manufacturing in brake production The solution and implementation of this conference are the highlights of this conference. It coincides with the modularization, platformization, intelligent design and R&D concept of Kaidis Industrial System, and has been applied to the actual solution first. In the years of exploration and practice, we also summarized many constructive opinions and plans, and achieved breakthrough results. Around the highlights of the conference and the achievements of these concepts in Kaidis, the general manager of Kaidis, Liu Yunlai, had a heated exchange and discussion with the delegates, and reached a consensus on the scene.

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