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i-boooster Assembly line
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iBooster, the full name of the intelligent Brake System, is the intelligent brake system.
The working principle of iBooster is to use the sensor to sense the strength and speed of the driver to step on the brake, and then transmit the signal to the motor in the brake pump. Under
thedrive of the electromechanical amplification mechanism, the brake pump is driven to realize the electricity. Control movement. Kaidis is committed to the development of iBooster assembly
inspection lines, i-Booster / electromechanical servo assist mechanism testing equipment.
iBooster is completely powered by electric power. It cooperates with ESP (body electronic stability system) to make electric vehicles very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. iBooster can
achieve almost 100% braking energy recovery. At the same time, the braking response is fast, and at the same speed, the iBooster shortens the braking distance compared to the conventional
braking technology.
International giant Bosch introduced iBooster to China, and the intelligent booster production base broke ground in Nanjing on August 1, 2017. For the electric vehicles and autopilot products,
iBooster will be put into production here in 2019.
The automotive industry is gradually moving towards electrification and intelligence.KTS Automation actively responds to market demand and launches iBooster assembly testing equipment
and i-Booster/electromechanical servo booster testing equipment.
iBooster comprehensive performance test bench
Key advantage
1. Send analog real vehicle signals to the ECU through NI CAN, and monitor the ECU feedback signals in real time to support CAN message editing functions.
2. The force, displacement and hydraulic triple protection equipment operate safely.
3. Standardized high speed acquisition module
4. A reasonable analysis algorithm guarantees the accuracy of the analysis results.
Performance parameter
1. Displacement sensor accuracy 0.2%
2. Force sensor accuracy 0.2%
3. Pressure sensor accuracy 0.25%
4. Vacuum sensor accuracy 0.25%
iBooster assembly test line, i-Booster / electromechanical servo assist mechanism test equipment

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