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New Energy Electric Vehicle Drive Motor System Performance T
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New Energy Electric Vehicle Drive Motor System Performance Test Bench
New energy electric vehicle drive motor system performance test bench mainly refers to "GB-T18488.1-2015 electric vehicle drive motor system" and other standard technical requirements, complete the performance test of the drive motor test system including the drive motor and its controller. This test bench uses DC power supply analog battery to supply power to the motor controller. ABB ACS880 frequency converter with four quadrant operation can control the loading force of electric dynamometer according to actual needs, high-precision torque speed sensor is used for real-time detection of torque and speed. The power analyzer guarantees the measurement accuracy of the electrical parameters.
The software function of the motor test system is divided into three main parts, the test module, the data analysis module and the report export module. Synchronous real-time linkage control of the measured object (measured motor and dynamometer), the measured object can be controlled to work in the speed control or torque control mode, and there is no disturbance switching between the two modes.
Main test project:
● Temperature rise experiment
● Torque-speed characteristic
● Continuous torque, continuous power, peak torque,
 peak power,stall torque, maximum working speed
● Drive motor system maximum efficiency
● Torque and speed control accuracy
● Torque and speed response time
● Drive motor controller operating current
● Feeding characteristics
● Overspeed test
● Road simulation test
Applications and benefits
 Meet the test requirements of drive motor systems with different power sections, and support various new energy vehicle drive motor types including three-phase asynchronous motor, DC brushless motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor.
 Flexible test plan and configuration can be provided according to user's specific test requirements to control user cost.
 The test system uses a high-strength cast iron platform with T-slots to ensure the stability of the test system. The installation centering device consists of mounting brackets, slide rails and manual adjustment devices to facilitate motor alignment and disassembly.
 The software is capable of automatic testing and manual testing based on experimental requirements.
 The gantry of the motor test system can adopt a three-dimensional adjustable clamp structure, and the user can flexibly adjust the height and size of the clamp to suit various shapes of motors.

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