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   On the 21, August, the chairman Wang Liping and Vice Chairman Li Weitong, of HESH Industrial Technology Group, visited The KTS Industrial System, and to have warmly welcomes.

       Chairman Wang Liping and his team, led by Liu Yunlai, general manager of KTS Industrial Systems, visited the KTS’ manufacturing base and have an in-depth understanding on the development of Cadis in recent years as well as the development of products, markets, talents, and corporate culture construction.

       After that,  Liu Yunlai and  Wang Liping, Li Weitong  in the conference room for detailed exchanges. Liu Yunlai briefly introduced the relevant situation of KTS industrial system, and introduced to Chairman Wang Liping the breakthrough and development of the four major business areas of testing and certification, intelligent manufacturing, technical service and industrial education. Chairman Wang Liping highly appreciates the outstanding achievements made by Cadis in various business areas and expresses his willingness to cooperate more closely with Cadis in various business areas.

      At the meeting, Chairman Wang Liping also made a related statement, said that in the initial cooperation in the early stage has experienced the technical strength of KTS, excellent corporate culture, and at the same time expressed the long-term cooperation and common development of the will. HESH 's mission: To improve customer efficiency, safety and the environment. And KTS’ mission: to make industrial manufacturing easy and fun, in providing customers with high-quality products, for customers to solve problems efficiently, improve the manufacturing environment, so that the wisdom and creativity of employees combined, so that work becomes a way of life, manufacturing into an artistic enjoyment, and corporate responsibility and other aspects of the same, The cooperation between the two sides naturally water into the canal, the future hand in hand will also win-win situation.

    At the same time, KTS Industrial Systems and HESH Industrial Technology Group based on the same industry, focus on products and services, is committed to providing customers with excellent solutions, bear the responsibility of industrial reporting, the pursuit of excellence mission, both sides will contribute to the promotion of industry development. Through this exchange and communication with Hutchison Industrial Technology Group, KTS will further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, accelerate the progress of research and development, increase innovation, and provide strong impetus for enterprise development. In a pleasant conversation, Chairman Wang Liping sincerely invited Liu Yun to visit the HESH Industrial Technology Group to strengthen further cooperation!

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