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KTS Industrial System is recognized as a provincial-level
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Recently, Shandong SME Bureau announced the eighth batch of provincial-level “specialized and special new” SMEs list, Shandong Kaidis Industrial System Co., Ltd. was listed among them.
"Specialized and special" small and medium-sized enterprises, "specialized" refers to proprietary technology or special products developed with proprietary technology and specialized technology, with special purpose and obvious professional features. The main features are the speciality of the product use, the professionalism of the production process and the proprietary nature of the technology. “Fine” refers to products that are designed, manufactured, and finished in accordance with the concept of excellence using advanced applicable technologies or processes. The main features are the in-depth and exquisite craftsmanship, the exquisiteness, fineness, precision and exquisiteness of the product. “Special” refers to products that have unique characteristics, techniques, formulas or special raw materials that are not produced by me, and have regional characteristics and corporate characteristics. The main features are the uniqueness, uniqueness, exclusive production and operation of the product, and have independent attributes different from other similar products. “New” refers to new products that are developed by independent innovation, integrated innovation or introduction, digestion and absorption, and innovative methods, which are different from other traditional products. The main feature is the innovation, advancement and novelty of the product (technology), which has higher technical content, greater added value, better economic benefits and more significant social benefits than traditional products.

Throughout the 20 years of development of Katis, the four elements of "specialization, precision, speciality, and newness" are always engraved on the hearts of the Cadiz people, running through every breakthrough in Kaidis. From relying on the solid foundation laid by software companies, to provide digital factories and intelligent manufacturing solutions as the main target, and then to take Industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025 as strategic goals and action plans, the Internet, big data, cloud Combining computing, virtual reality and other technologies with industrial production to achieve digital and intelligent manufacturing of customer factories.
Kaidis Industrial System has always adhered to the development philosophy of “specialization, precision, speciality and newness”. It has a number of invention patents, focuses on domestic and international target markets, continuously improves the standardization of products, rewards customers with excellent product quality, and continuously adopts New technologies, with continuous innovation capabilities, occupy a place in the international high-end equipment manufacturing industry.
In the future, Kaidis Industrial System will continue to enhance its innovation and competitiveness, continuously increase the added value of its products, and serve customers in accordance with the concept of excellence, speeding up and increasing efficiency, and adding new impetus to the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Dezhou.

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