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Automotive Electric Power Steering System Environmental Dura
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Automotive electric power steering system environmental durability test bench is suitable for high and low temperature alternating humidity endurance test, room temperature endurance test, vibration endurance test and performance test of electric power steering system.
The equipment uses the computer to control the test system in real time, change the working conditions, automatically complete the control of various performance tests of the electric power steering device, real-time collection of test parameters, accurate calculation of various performance indicators, etc. And can record the experimental data in the form of graphs, curves, etc., and finally realize the display and printing of experimental data.
The equipment can complete a variety of complex test conditions, simulate the performance evaluation of 
reversing, harsh road surface, high-speed driving and other processes.
Equipped with environmental chamber, it can also be used to simulate dynamic tests in various environments, such as vibration, high and low temperature, and muddy water.
Main performance:
● Input torque:±100 N.m     Precision 0.1%
● Input angle:angle is unlimited Precision 0.018°
● Input drive mode:servo drive
● Load range:±20kN
● Load maximum angle:±60 °
● Load control mode:torque / load optional
● Output loading mode:servo rotation loading
ECU power supply:DC 0~80V 0~120A adjustable
● Environmental chamber temperature:-40℃~150℃
● Humidity range:30~98%RH
● Vibration frequency range:2~2500Hz
● Maximum vibration acceleration:833m/s2
Applications and benefits
● Five-axis linkage, fully simulating the actual vehicle state, suitable for various performance tests of EPS steering system
● Adopting European and Japanese double test standards, the test project covers various tests of electric power steering devices.
● In addition to simulating the vibration of the tire, it can also simulate the customer's loading setting of square wave, triangle wave, etc., setting frequency, setting amplitude.
● Can perform a variety of complex test conditions, simulate reverse performance, poor road surface, high-speed driving and other performance evaluation.
● Open platform structure, modular arrangement, steering device simulation of real vehicle state placement.
● Equipped with environmental chambers, it can also be used for high-low temperature, muddy water, etc. to simulate dynamic tests in various environments.
●The clamping device adopts the accompanying clamping device, which satisfies the test clamping of different samples.

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