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Hydraulic Brake Component Normal Temperature Endurance Test
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Hydraulic Brake Component Normal Temperature Endurance Test Bench
The endurance test bench is a special test equipment for detecting the durability of six kinds of hydraulic brake components such as vacuum booster, brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, clutch cylinder, hydraulic load-sensing proportional valve and brake caliper. Each unit is equipped with three stations and has automatic detection and manual test functions. The durability test of these products can be carried out separately.
The test bench consists of a mechanical gantry system, a brake hydraulic system, a vacuum source system, a drive system, a fixture module, and a control measurement system. The equipment electrical control system adopts industrial computer control, configures the electric control cabinet and operation panel, and has functions such as fault alarm and statistical management. It can display curves on the screen and has functions such as storage and printing.
Main performance:
● Input force:0~2000N
● Input displacement:0~50 mm
● Vacuum range:0~ -100 Kpa
● Hydraulic loading range:0~25 Mpa
● Working frequency 500~1200 times/hour adjustable
● The vacuum in the vacuum test line is stable at
-66.7±2.7 kPa
● System detection error≤±0.5%FS
Applications and benefits
 It can complete the durability test of various hydraulic brake components in the automobile brake system.
 Modular design, split layout for easy maintenance, commissioning and function expansion.
 The electrical part has good electromagnetic shielding, photoelectric isolation and reliable safety protection measures.
 Multi-threaded real-time data acquisition, real-time monitoring in the whole process.
 The system has functions such as fault self-test, overload protection, overpressure alarm, etc.
 Automatically save test data, historical data query, and report printout.

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