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On May 28, Shang Jian, director of the Dezhou Talent Comprehensive Service Center, Dean Sun Rujun, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Dezhou University, Lin Jun, General Manager of Dezhou Unicom, Song Yanwei, Director of Shandong Unicom, and Chairman of Dezhou Huahai Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhang Weiyou and his party came to Kaidis Industrial System to carry out learning and exchange activities on the development and application of information technology, intelligent manufacturing upgrades, and the construction of high-level talents.

Shang Jian and his party visited the manufacturing base of Kaidis

        Shang Jian said that at present, Texas is vigorously developing the digital economy, promoting the construction of smart cities, leading the industrial transformation and upgrading, gathering high-end talents and promoting the development of the regional economy with the development and application of information technology. Cathys, China Unicom and Huahai Petroleum all play an active and leading role in industry leadership, industry-university-research cooperation, technological innovation vitality, and social responsibility. As an applied high-level university, Texas College provides intellectual support and technical support for local economic and social high-quality development. This exchange and learning hopes that universities will give full play to their advantages in talents, disciplines, enterprises, platforms, resources, R&D, management, etc., innovate cooperation models, broaden cooperation fields, and further promote the cultivation of high-level talents, and promote the upgrade of informatization applications and intelligent manufacturing. . The Talent Comprehensive Service Center should continue to play a bridge role, deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and strive to build a technology innovation system with the theme of enterprises, market orientation, and deep integration of production, education, and research to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. 


Director Shang Jian carefully records the demand for talents

At the symposium, Liu Yunlai, general manager of Kaidis Industrial Systems, introduced the company's production and operation, scientific research, as well as special projects of intelligent manufacturing, industrial layout, and talent construction. As Texas College, which has a good foundation for cooperation with Cathys for nearly two decades, Dean Sun Rujun highly praised Cathys in personnel training and school-enterprise cooperation, and hopes that both parties will conduct more in-depth work in a wider field. Cooperation to promote high-quality development between schools and enterprises.

Sun Rujun, Dean of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Texas University

Lin Jun, general manager of Dezhou Unicom, said that as a high-end equipment manufacturer, Kaidis Industrial System provides meaningful data output to many customers in the field of "smart" testing, and also in network development, big data, cloud applications, etc. Cutting-edge technology has developed a series of software products for embedded control systems, which are at the forefront of the development of intelligent manufacturing. China Unicom will actively use its advantages in technology, talents and resources to carry out in-depth cooperation with Kaidis in the fields of intelligent industry and informatization applications, promote the innovation and development of the information industry, and make greater contributions to serving local economic and social development.

Lin Jun, General Manager of Dezhou Unicom

As a high-tech enterprise that focuses on technological innovation, uses R&D patented technology, activates endogenous power, and forges petroleum machinery, Chairman Zhang Weiyou said that if the enterprise wants to achieve long-term development, enterprise innovation is indispensable, the same as the development philosophy of Kaidis At the same time as doing good products and services, Huahai Petroleum is also committed to research and development of intelligent equipment to liberate manpower. As a high-end equipment manufacturer, Cattis has achieved good results in the field of intelligence, and China Unicom’s information construction achievements, etc. The integration of these advantageous resources is bound to increase the stamina for the development of the enterprise.

Zhang Weiyou, Chairman of Texas Huahai Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Speaking of the cooperation between schools and high-end enterprises, Liu Yun said that in recent years, the Cadiz industrial system has actively embraced information technology, reconstructed the manufacturing technology system and value chain system, and improved the level of intelligent services. The shift from manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. However, there is an urgent need to improve the technological innovation system, the improvement of standard processes and the landing of scientific and technological achievements in the deep integration of industry, university and research.

Liu Yunlai, General Manager of Cattis Industrial Systems

Kaidis Industrial System hopes to have more opportunities for communication, learning and cooperation with more universities, Unicom, Huahai Petroleum and other well-known enterprises, to further enhance the innovation ability of Kaidis and promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and entities Deep economic integration promotes domestic industrial technology upgrade and industrial transformation and upgrading, and revitalizes national industries.


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